17 November 2011

You've been inspiring us...

Our facebook page is a wash of creativity and inspiration with many of your alter egos appearing on our pages in beauty and avant garde looks you've created. These were too fabulous to keep to ourselves so we will be sharing some of those that have had the Illamasqua team in awe.

We love seeing you revel in your dark side, so here is a little thank you from us...

A beautiful goth inspired fantasy look by Simon James of "walkingwondersfx"

Halloween glam from Karlapowellmua

Janine Bailey rocking Lipstick in Kontrol

An icy blue alter ego from Matías Cornejo Acuña

Monochrome beauty with Intense Lipgloss in Repulse by Tracy Hillis

Will you alter ego capture our imagination next week...? To share your looks and alter egos with us, simply click here to post your photos on our well 


  1. These creations are all so expressive. There are so many talented young ladies (and gents, of course) out there. Thank you for posting these :D

  2. Thank you so much for putting up my picture. Gave me a wee boost and a big surprise when I saw it :)

  3. Well done Tracy! Great work x

  4. Thankyou for posting my photo! sadie richardson was the model, I did the makeup, Simon james: Walkingwondersfx

  5. Hi Simon, thanks for letting us know, I've changed the story to reflect this now. Thank you for the beautiful image!

  6. Love your blog...Www.dramaandbeauty.blogspot.com follow for great skin and beauty info

  7. wow!!! thanks for putting me up on here!


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