15 November 2011

A dazzling Christmas Nail tutorial...

Available exclusively at Illamasqua.com, these enchanting shades can be worn individually or together as a dazzling combination. Create an eye-catching diamand effect by layering Harsh, a clear-based silver glitter varnish, over Boosh, Illamasqua's best-selling deep black gloss. 

To indulge in this sumptuous festive look, click here to visit the Illamasqua shop


  1. Love this. Not been able to get glitter gradient right yet but will definitely be practicing after watching this. Gorgeous! x

  2. Stunning sharing in this blog. Nails movie so interesting.
    Christmas bingo

  3. Men who choose to experiment with nail polish are helping to set the future course of style and what is commonly accepted.


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