01 February 2010

Pixiwoo And Illamasqua

By now most of you are probably aware that Nicola - one half of the Youtube sensations Pixiwoo - works on our Selfridges London counter. She is leaving us in a few days to go back home to Norwich but will continue to work with us on some great events that we have lined up for 2010, including a tour of our Illamasqua counters with her sister, Sam.

We are still finalising details for this extremely exciting project. If you have ever wanted to discuss one on one with either of the Pixiwoo girls about colours, textures, tips, tricks and inspiration this is an opportunity you will not want to miss!

The below counters will be hosting the girls, however we are yet to finalise details. I'll keep you posted!

Debenhams Glasgow 0141 221 3889

Debenhams Belfast 0289 043 5582

Debenhams Cardiff 0292 034 2278

Thanks to Lynne for the above picture - Lynne is from the fantastic German blog www.fragdiegurus.de - herself and some of her team were down at Selfridges London this morning for an interview with Alex Box and myself - look forward to seeing that! Not a natural in front of a camera :S - unlike Nic and Alex here!


  1. I am gonna have to head over to London and IMAT next time around.

  2. Amazing! I love and adore the ladies of Pixiwoo. Such a shame I'm not in the UK!

  3. Does any one know which lipstick and blush is wearing Nicola in this picutre with Alex Box?

  4. Argh! Next time, pleease do come to Dublin!!
    That's really cool though!
    Can't wait to see the interview.

  5. I love Sam and Nicola!! As a make up artist myself they are such an inspiration.I would love it if they came to Dublin..im booking in for Belfast tho!! :)

  6. cant wait until they come to belfast! ive been a subber of theirs since they started doing yt videos! fab!!

  7. Sooo excited! Just phoned the Illamasqua Glasgow counter and I'm number 27 in the waiting list.. ;-P
    Will be keeping my fingers crossed, Sam and Nic are such an inspiration and I would love to get the chance to meet them!

  8. Hi Sam hope you will head to Selfridges soon! thanks for the information earlier today.Bella


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