10 February 2010

Illamasqua Collection - Spring Time!

You wouldn't know it living in London right now, but Spring is on it's way! So, what do we have lined up for you at Illamasqua?

Well, firstly the Pastel Nail Varnish Collection is due to land in stores at the beginning of March. Waiting lists are heaving and the Ops team at Illamasqua have predicted they will land on counters/ online and fly straight out again - so call your local counter, or sign up for a notification email if you haven't already.

Illamasqua's Spring 2010 collection Body Electrics is due to launched in April, so not long now...!

I will be interviewing some of the creatives behind the collection and the shoot and bringing them to you as we lead up to launch date!


  1. Im so so excited for this collection! Is it alright if i use this image for a blogpost? x

  2. so excited for the new collection details, the suspense is killing me!

  3. looove the lilac!



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