12 February 2010

Kate Massarella's Parting Note...

Kate Massarella, Brand Director of Illamasqua, has sadly left us to go travelling around South America. She emailed me this, and I thought I would share it with you. [somebody pass me the tissues...]

Today is my last day so the time has come to say goodbye to all of you lovely people. The past 3 years have been a rollercoaster ride - lots of laughs and lots of emotion. I still can't quite believe how far we have come in such a short space of time - I am so proud of what we have created.

I have so many great memories - sitting in a small room for days on end with Alex Box and piles of make-up; day-long brainstorming sessions with Julian; Carl and I presenting the brand to the retailers and getting the first taste of just how successful Illamasqua could be; naming the products (sphincter pink never did make it did it Alex!); the Selfridges London launch when we got the counter ready with seconds to go before the doors opened; launching in New York, the amazing press response; becoming delirious after working too late and eating too many cupcakes with Katie and Alex - too many to mention!

I feel so lucky to have worked with such an amazing group of people - from the head office team, to our amazing make-up artists, our manufacturers, the photographers and stylists who have helped to create our stunning collection images, and the most passionate and inspiring customers a brand could ever wish for.

You are an amazing group of people and it has been a joy to work with you. Illamasqua is the success it is because of you. Long may it continue to grow and develop. Keep spreading the word that it is good to be different and don't listen to anyone who tries to make you conform.

Illamazza x


  1. wow...what an amazing departure letter...she will be missed!!


  2. Can I have her job then!!! :P

  3. Kate if you read this- no wonder your phone and email don't work?! Have an amazing time away!

    (not at Plunge anymore and doing something fashionable instead!) x


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