21 February 2012

Illamasqua Medium Pencils

Medium Pencils are a favourite at HQ, their versatility & blendability allow you to use your imagination when wearing them. Today I wore Medium Pencil in Manic on my lips and decided to share with you some of out favourite Medium Pencils and how they can be used...

Revel in the drama of your individuality. Use the creamy Illamasqua Medium Pencil to create sultry eyes and sensuous lips. Designed to glide over skin and create a long-lasting, colour-true finish. Write a different story with every look.

This colour looks stunning on the lips and applies with great precision. Why not also rock a coloured eyebrow using this? 

Medium Pencil in Interrogate is perfect for a soft lip liner if worn with a nude lipstick like Illamasqua Lipsticks in Test & Sonnet. This can also be used as a contour, apply the pencil in short diagonal lines below the cheeks and blend. Sweep over eyebrows for a light, natural looking brow.

Vow can be applied to the inner eyelid to add that extra sparkle to the eyes. You can use Vow in the same way as Interrogate to create a highlight above the cheekbones on below the brow. 

Of course Sophie has to be one of our favourite Medium Pencils. It is our ultimate black pencil and it's soft and blendability is great for a smokey eye. We have recently launched a look using the Sophie Pencil and few other Illamasqua cult products.

Sophie-I How To Video

Click here to take a look at the step-by-step guide to the Sophie-I look here. We are also running the Iconic-I competition allowing you to get creative with your own interpretations of the Sophie-I look for the chance to £100 of Illamasqua products. Click here to visit the competition page. The Sophie Pencil supports The Sophie Lancaster Foundation which aims to Stamp Out Prejudace, Hatred & Intolerance Everywhere. To support the foundation and buy Sophie Pencil, click here.

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