26 May 2011

Vicky McClure: Get The BAFTA look

I caught up with Spob [Head of Professional Development] between creating a stunning look for Vicky at the BAFTAs and rushing off to her next movie [starring some pretty hot A listers] to get the low down ...
BASE: "I primed the skin with some matt primer to create a flawless base. I then used the new Skin Base foundation in shade 10 on the centre panel of face as a highlight, and blended in to shade 11 to add depth and blend with the Xen Tan colour she was wearing.

I swept Bronzer in 'Writhe' on the high points of the face to add a subtle glow - currently 30% off in our Summer Sale!

EYES: After applying a base, I used Cream Pigment in 'Emerge' all over the lid, and blended it in to Cream Pigment in 'Mould' in the outer corners, which I then sealing using Loose Powder 010 [translucent]. I needed this look to last through the entire BAFTAs and the after parties!

I used a shimmering bronze on top of this - Powder Eye Shadow in 'Bronx' - and finished with a smudge of Medium Pencil in 'Sophie' around the eyes and in the waterline.

A glamorous event like the BAFTAs definitely calls for a smoking pair of eye lashes - we chose False Eye Lashes 008 for length and curve.

LIPS: I sketched Medium Pencil in 'Ascend' - a chocolatey pink nude - all over the lips and topped off with a clear gloss - Sheer Lipgloss in 'Brilliant' is both non sticky and highly glossy.

BODY: I used Illumine Oil in 'Pulse' for a majestic shimmer, and dusted Powdered Metal in 'Erzule' over her shoulder and decollatege - this photograph does not do the product justice, it highlighted her every move and was absolutely amazing.

NAILS: Vicky rocked Nail Varnish in 'Throb' on her toes, which she absolutely loves. We used the new Nail Varnish in 'Bacterium' on her finger nails which added edge to her beautiful dress. 

This Is England has been such a huge hit, including in the world of make-up; the team won the BAFTA award for Make-up And Hair Design earlier this month, too!

In the below video [part of a series of films from Illamasqua last year] Vicky explores her alter ego ...

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