31 May 2011

Tulips & Pansies...

Illamasqua took New York by storm at the Tulips & Pansies event last Thursday 19th May at Gotham Hall. Our Senior US make-up artist and US brand ambassador Andrea Helgadottir headed up a team of 6 artists who created looks on 18 models.

Each look varied according to the floral design and outfit that was being worn, from looks inspired by Marie Antoinette and Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra to a trannie punk dominatrix with a floral whip in hand!

 As well as being a night of fashion and glamour, Tulips & Pansies is also an inspiring event which raises funds for VillageCare. The event pairs established and up-and-coming fashion designers with creative counterparts in the floral industry. Together they design and create outrageous and elegant floral headdresses. 

The inspirations and creations are diverse, but the designers share a passion for the cause. Whether it’s Diane von Furstenberg’s Vietnamese Sun Hat or Ashleigh Verrier’s Bonnie & Clyde duo, the designs play into the high fashion and fun atmosphere of the evening while bringing media and public awareness to the plight of the still growing HIV/AIDS community in New York.

After the ‘Easter Parade meets Catwalk Show’ took place and prizes were given to the designers for producing the best looks that evening, guests moved into our Transformation Area along with the host of the evening, Ariana Rockefeller, who had her make up done by one of our artists. One particular Broadway and TV actress told us she was a huge fan of all of our products in particular our Lipstick in Box.

Thank you to Andrea and the team for creating such fantastic looks!

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  1. Oh god... All the photos are really inspiring and exciting. Cool snaps. Thanks for the post.


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