07 December 2010

Rein-dogs and rabbits

Today, I wanted to share the Christmas windows of our Flagship store with you... As the Carnaby Street lights are now up and all the stores are getting in to the Holiday spirit, here at Illamasqua, our Christmas is far from ordinary …

The wonderful Kat Sykes has been busily creating for us again to inspire the Illamasqua flagship store windows following on from the success of the Melbourne hand-painted Mannequins. Working under Alex Box, Kat and her team painted a unique twist on the signature Christmas Reindeer!

The kitsch and colourful characters started to take shape…

“We decided that the animals had quite a cartoon and comedic feel to them, so we wanted to keep with this theme rather than try to disguise it.

So Alex basically told us to go really kitsch with lots of glitter and colour! We wanted to represent the features that you would expect to see on a dog or rabbit, e.g patches/furry tails but inject loads of colour and glitz, to give them a eccentric Christmas feel!” Kat Sykes

Meet our Christmas Rein-dogs and Rabbits.

Visit the Illamasqua flagship store at 20 Beak Street to see the Christmas window at see the beautiful Gift Ideas we have inside to make unique Christmas gifts for your family and friends [and a few lashes for yourself...]

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