06 January 2010

Sephora: Current Stores That Stock Illamasqua

Just a quick post for all our USA based fans! I have been receiving emails asking for an update on Sephora stores that retail Illamasqua, so here it is!

This is the current line-up:

34th St, Manhattan

5th Avenue, Manhattan

711 Lexington, Manhattan

76th and Broadway, Manhattan

Ala Moana, Bay Area

Boca Raton, South Florida

Dadeland, South Florida

Downtown Seattle, Northwest

Fashion Valley, Orange County/ San Diego

Florida Mall, NW Florida

Georgetown, DC/MD/VA

Hollywood and Highland, LA

Lenox Square, Atlanta/ LA

Manhattan Village, LA

Powell Street, Bay Area

Prudential Center, Boston, MA

Roosevelt Field, Lond Island

Santa Monica, LA

Soho, Manhattan

South Beach, south Florida

South coast Plaza, Orange County/ San Diego

Times Square, Manhattan

Union Square, Manhattan

Venetian, Southwest

Westchester, Conneticut/ NY


  1. thanks for the list - i hope we see Illamasqua in more Sephora stores - it's wonderful stuff and I will never go back to other lipsticks again!

    We joke your Sealing Gel is made of the golden tears of wee elves because it is so wonderful and Sephora on-line seems to constantly be out of stock ;)

  2. I really hope Illamasqua expands its color range in Sephora, especially for eye shadows and especially blushes. Blush selection is so limited. Also, it would be great if you could come out with creme blushers (of all color families) with beige or bronze undertones. The only creme color I like in the US is Betray. The bright ones are nice, but for special occasions. Rude and the pink blushers are better for white skin or those who like the glowing, kewpie-doll look.

  3. Will the Dystopia collection be carried at Sephora? I really want to get my hands on Obsess & Velocity.

  4. What about DENVER CO?

  5. they need to get at least one in Texas, preferably the Dallas Galleria or NorthPark Center :)

  6. Please please bring it to buffalo ny... but then again going to Glasgow soon...


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