27 January 2010

Have you Joined Our Facebook Fanclub?!

To celebrate reaching 5,000 facebook fans we are going to be having a very special giveaway of a selection of products worth over £60!

To win this prize, just leave us a comment below this post to tell us who your alter ego is! We will then pick a comment at random and be in contact to send you your fabulous prize.

First, though... we actually need to hit 5,000 fans first, so invite your friends, colleagues and other beauty nuts you can think of and we can celebrate!!

Search Illamasqua to find our official fan page.

*The competition is open internationally and one entry per person.*

Once we hit 5000 fans we will choose the winner!


  1. My alter ego is much strong than my normal self.
    Lots of dark colours with a splash of colour. Mysterious but friendly. harsh but friendly. braver. powerful, unique.

  2. My alter ego is a firey femme fatal who can wrap any man around her little finger.

  3. my alter ego is my sister.


  4. My alter ego/inner drag queen is Chescka. She loves fabulousness, dark but glam looks, and indulgence. She's a strange post modern menagerie of spite and quirk.

  5. My alter ego, Lola, is dark and gothic.
    She embraces her natural paleness and flaunts it. Her eyes are always rimmed with black liner and partnered with fluttery lashes. Though she doesn't shy away from colour - pink and purple eyeshadow are her staples.
    She is mysterious, and while softly spoken, exudes a silent power.

  6. My alter ego is JESSICA RABBIT xoxo

  7. My alter ego loves color, glamour, and imagination.

  8. My alter ego says more with her eyes than with her words, but never hesitates to say what is on her mind.

  9. My alter ego is softer and sexier than my self and looks for a red satin dress.

  10. My alter ego is the me I wish I was, she's confident, outgoing and doesn't let other people bring her down. She is bright, bold, and daring.
    The make-up reflects this, Bold out of the ordinary lips and blush colours, with sultry eyes and glamours lashes. Sometimes, she resembles an Old Hollywood film star, With deep or bright blue-red lips, as a focus.

  11. I have more alteregos. Sometimes I choose them, because I am in that mood. And sometimes they choose me to express them, and I am surprised who can I also be.
    Sometimes they are dark, fluid and strong. Sometimes they are sexy, funny and colorfull or maybe sharp and ugly. I love them.

  12. my alter ego is a very wicked and cruel person in an interesting way. i love to be alone with "her" during the nights as i'm most active then.


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