15 August 2011

Myer Parade SS11/12 Fashion Launch

The Myer Spring Summer 11/12 Parade was held at Carriage Works on 11th August in Sydney, showcasing the must-have trends in both clothing and make-up. Myer drew inspiration from the Western Australian landscape, referencing the breathtaking Pinnacles Desert.
Illamasqua were invited to be the sponsors for the third time running of this spectacular event. Illamasqua’s Nicola Burford headed up the team for the Myer show of 11 make-up artists, once again creating dazzling and inspirational transformations. Nicola has provided the Illamasqua blog with an exclusive interview, revealing the crucial Illamasqua products that were the secrets behind the stunning creations:

1) What was your inspiration for the Myer show look this season? 
The make-up for the Myer SS2011 show was inspired by the unique desert landscape of Western Australia – the textures, colours, mirages and mutable forms you would experience in that landscape are transformed on the face. Perfected, luminous skin is highlighted with glass like reflective gloss and cream shimmer, eyes are contoured in a halo of sand coloured powder with pops of either glistening sunset pink, sunburnt orange or white heat in a colour ombre. Lips and brows are muted so attention is focused on the eyes and skin. It’s a gentle, graceful yet powerful modern make-up and approach to colour and texture.

2) Was there one Illamasqua piece that stole the show? 
There were actually two star products that encapsulated the whole look – Powder Blusher in Disobey and Sheer Lipgloss in Brilliant. Although Powder Blusher in Excite and Nymph, Powder Eye Shadow in Sex and Cream Blusher in Lies were invaluable in creating the look ...and we couldn’t do it without Medium Pencils in Bait, Vow, Hex and Thrash...did you say just one product?!
 Medium Pencil in Hex

Powder Blusher in Excite

 Sheer Lipgloss in Brillant

3) How many artists were working on the show?
We had 11 make-up artists working on the show – from Melbourne and Sydney. They were all absolutely amazing  - a real credit to Illamasqua artistry and professionalism. It was a long and crazy day, starting at 7am and finishing at 9pm with 3 dress rehearsals, one media show and the main event. Even though it was non-stop it was stress free and heaps of fun! The team and Illamasqua products all stood strong through the mammoth work-out!

 4) How many models did your team transform?
The show had 35 female models, and 10 male models as well as the Myer spokes-models; the very gorgeous Jennifer Hawkins (ex-Miss Universe) and very handsome Kris Smith (Danii Minogue’s model husband and ex-UK Rugby player).

 A huge well done to all of the Illamasqua team, and stay tuned for the video!


  1. This was a great interview - but the way your pale type comes up in an RSS reader makes it really hard to read - I had to highlight the text to read it.

    As a company that's about celebrating those who are different, you might want to think about your readers/customers who have visual impairment (I don't) or other accessibility issues with your website and store. Please make sure your written content is visually accessible to all, as I'm sure fits with your philosophy! (Of course I get that readable colourways shouldn't come at the expense of your brand identity, but since this section can be read elsewhere in RSS, and isn't the storefront, I hope that isn't too much to ask...)

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    amazing article, i love those designs

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