26 January 2010

Breaking News!! Joe Corre Joins Illamasqua...

Avant-garde, beautiful, daring, creative, explosive, inspirational, provocative. Words that you may well relate to Illamasqua.

At Illamasqua, we also relate them to Agent Provocateur, one of the world’s leading underwear brands. Agent Provocateur has always been a brand that we have been inspired by – unique, quality, luxury pieces, cutting-edge advertising, evocative, controversial and boundary-pushing campaigns. Who can forget the Kylie Minogue bull riding film or the orgiastic passion of the collections starring the voluptuous figures of Alice Dellal, Helena Christensen, Kate Moss, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to name but a few?

You can imagine how thrilled I am, then, to announce that Joe Corre - co founder of Agent Provacateur and son of the British fashion icon Dame Vivienne Westwood - has become a formal shareholder at Illamasqua! He also owns the explosive menswear label A Child Of The Jago - you may remember that we provided the looks for his brooding models at London Fashion Week in September.

I am so excited to work alongside such a genuine legend [did you know he turned down an MBE from Tony Blair?!] and to help us look in to launching our own stand-alone stores!

Joe tells me that Illamasqua is “a British brand like no other! The heritage of [Illamasqua’s] products and formulation show that [Illamasqua] are the only colour cosmetic brand in the prestige market that can truly claim the word 'professional'. Born from visionary, passionate energy, which it exudes from every pore, Illamasqua celebrates the fundamental human desire for individual self expression. It is therefore a brand which transcends all boundaries. I am extremely excited to be on board and helping to make it a brand to be seriously reckoned with”.

Julian Kynaston, founder of Illamasqua, tells me “We know that we have turned many heads since we opened our first counter in Selfridges Oxford St back in November 08. To have turned Joe’s to the point where he really wanted to invest and become a part of the team however is an achievement and one I am very excited about.”


  1. oh this is exciting news! things just keep getting better for you guys :D xo

  2. Two brands of my dreamz! Illa and AP!
    Are you going to collaborate on collections?!

  3. please collaborate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Amazing! so so so amazing! whooop.

  5. That's amazing!!!! Joe Corre is a genius!!!!

  6. The fact that Joe doesn't have anything to do with AP anymore...I doubt there would be a collaberation!


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