04 November 2009

A Note From our Brand Director

From Kate Massarella, Brand Director of Illamasqua:

About a month ago, Wayne Goss bought to our attention a payoff issue with a small number of our Powder Eye Shadows. I am pleased to say that we feel we have got to the bottom of this after a period of detailed testing and analysis. The issue was one of over-pressing on a small batch of the shadows, i.e. the powder was too heavily pressed, which damaged the payoff despite the product still being of great quality and as highly pigmented as all of our shadows. We now have a new system in place that we are confident will avoid pressing issues going forward. I hope this answers all concerns on this issue and want to thank those of you who bought this to our attention.


  1. When will the products that are out of stock back in?

    I am waiting for Matt primer and for Rude cream blush.

    Thank you

  2. Well that's great news! The last e/s I got (Machine and Cancan) didn't have the same problem and if I'm sure payoff won't be an issue anymore, I'll get more!

  3. Wow, that's great news! And I love Wayne he's one of my personal favorites!

  4. Thank you for having a policy of integrity and disclosure. I am mesmerized by the looks produced with Illamasqua and find the style unique and diverse. Thank you for delicious products that perform.

  5. Great to hear thanks Kate! Can't think of many brands who would be so honest and transparent when they have a few problems - and every company must have them. Thanks for that and I will be buying some of the powder eye shadows soon!

    PS - please make a purple liquid metal, twitter has been buzzing about liquid metals and new colours that you could potentially release. I want a baptiste Liquid metal!

  6. That's great news about the powder eyeshadows. I have bought many different illamasqua products but have put off purchasing the eyeshadows due to the supposed lack of pigmentation of some.

    I too have been waiting patiently for items such as matt primer ,katie and chased powder blushers to come back into stock before buying from your website again. When are they likely to be back in stock?

  7. I think I got one of the overpressed shadows and was awfully confused because the others I got were amazing. But I am glad Illamasqua listens to its customers and openly admits it when they have an issue, then takes action to fix it, rather than just arrogantly ignoring it as some companies would do. Kudos :)

  8. Great to hear this, as i was not very impressed with the eyeshadows when i had swatched them at stores...The blushes..well, THEY ROCK!! I find every single color had great pay off...The formula fantastic...its just awesome!!!


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