26 November 2009

New Trend?

Are the lower lashes the new upper lashes? When a style setter such as Agyness Deyn rock the look, you can guarantee that this is what all the cool kids will be up to over the Christmas party season.

I tried the look with our False Eye Lashes 23 - the ones with the green shot through. I think the effectiveness of Agyness' look is highlighted by that super dark, glossy blunt fringe to accentuate her blue eyes.

What do you think?

I also hope you are all rocking your Sophie wristbands today...


  1. Ive always been abit iffy about lower lashes but they look fantastic!!! Im defo rocking the wristband and my friends have gotten theirs to so we are off out in Manchester tonight and displaying them proudly :D

  2. I am loving the lashes on the bottom :) it makes the eyes pop! especially those green lashes♥
    I created some looks with bottom lashes, using top eyelid falsies :)


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