14 October 2011

La Fleur Mecanique and Freak...

To celebrate the exclusive launch of Freak in Selfridges stores across the UK from Thursday 20th October, we have some very exciting instore activity to share...

Our professional Art Team will be travelling the country to offer an insight into our first fragrance, the sensational unisex scent that is Freak! They will be gracing our Selfridges counters for the launch  weekend and the Halloween weekend...be sure to pop in to ask them your burning artistry questions and for advice and top tips. 

If that wasn't enough to tempt you instore to step into the intoxicating world of Freak, we will also have performances from La Fleur Mecanique in our Selfridges Manchester Trafford, Manchester Exchange Square and Oxford Street stores.

"In the centre of a large, Art Deco flower made of wrought iron and silk, Lilly slowly revolves to the music of Chopin. She gently rises then elegantly sinks into the cream and black petals which close around her. Her movements are fluid and graceful, yet she is not all human, for when she turns we see she has a golden key unwinding in her back."

Her performances promise to be a real spectacle...head to London Oxford Street on 29th October, Manchester Exchange on 20th October between 1-3pm and Manchester Trafford from 5-7pm on 20th October to enjoy...!

Have you dared to Freak yet? Click here to pre-order today


  1. I must do a (very public) shout out to Rachel at the selfridges counted in birmingham. I've been ordered illamasqua products online since you first launched yet today was the very first time I've ever visited a counter and it was amazing to meet someone with such a passion for what they sell! Sometimes people on counters acting as 'professionals' can be a bit robotic but she genuinely gave one about me and my personal style and said she clocked me as an 'illamasqua girl' a mile off :) I love your brand so much but the only things I've purchased online have been lipsticks and nail varnishes, whereas today Rachel converted me to skin base which I LOVE and eyebrow cake mixed with sealing gel which works great with my black hair as I used to draw on brows with eyeliner! (which now makes me cringe) she also spayed some 'freak' tester on me an when I got home my boyfriend said it made him want to 'ravish' me, I take that as a good thing lol can't wait to buy a bottle. Thanks Rachel &illamasqua!

  2. Thank you for your lovely feedback, we're really glad to hear you had such a great experience and will ensure Rachel sees your message!


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