31 October 2011

Happy Halloween!

I am sure that all our Illamasqua followers had a big party to celebrate the night-time this weekend - and that hopefully some of you are continuing the celebrations tonight!

We had a huge party at the Last Tuesday Society to celebrate the launch of FREAK - everyone really went to town with their outfits and I saw wild black swans, a medusa, a circus ring master and plenty of drop dead glamorous outfits ... photos will be uploaded to our Facebook page shortly so don't miss out!

In the mean time... I thought you might like to see my blood spatter nails! I was inspired by the Polishaholic blog - click here to see how to get the look!


  1. Have the same nails right now. Used a slightly darker red though.

  2. they look great! should have done those pointed shaped nails as well!
    Lily @ llymlrs // etcllymlrs

  3. Looking awesome! HAPPY HALLOWEEN GUYS!

  4. Amazing Tazing Wazing!

  5. Happy Halloweeeeeeeen! Scary nails - Dexter yes!


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