13 June 2011

Skin Base…inspired by BB Creams

So…what are BB creams?

The BB abbreviation can stand for ‘Blemish Balm’ or ‘Beauty Balm’ and is in essence an all in one product that combines skin care, coverage and hydration whilst still providing a flawless yet natural finish making it a multi-tasking product.

So…where did it come from?

The specific origin of the BB Cream is widely debated, but it is generally agreed that Korea drove the global popularity for the product. Currently BB Creams are enjoying phenomenal success in Asian countries such as Korea, China, Japan and South East Asia.

So…where did the formula originate?

Developed by dermatologists [to help laser surgery patients with highly sensitised skin to banish redness and scarring whilst protecting and smoothing and providing a high level of SPF] the formula has been analysed by our team of Product experts and professional artists to adapt the formulation to introduce it to the UK market.

So…how does Illamasqua’s Skin Base differ from a BB Cream?

The Product Development team were inspired by the formula, delighted by the results and highly impressed by the ease of buildable coverage and payoff, however they chose to remove the SPF because we believe that everyone should have the choice to add their personal preference level and choice of product for SPF and as within a professional environment the SPF can be inconsistent and bounces light.

The second adaption was the removal of the whitening ingredients of the traditional BB Creams. As many Asian women strive to whiten and brighten skin , we wanted to develop a range of shades that would offer suitability to the palest to the deepest of skin tones and wider shade participation, thereby offering a truly diverse and professional range. The whitening ingredients hindered payoff on deeper skin tones and turned ashen thus causing unrequired limitations.


  1. sounds really great, looking forward to seeing some swatches of the colours x

  2. I want this! When is the release date? You removed the stuff I dislike about bb creams and made it in wearable shades, I am so excited to see it!

  3. This sounds fabulous! When I first looked into BB creams the whitening aspect scared me of... very much looking forward to seeing some swatches of these!

  4. This is great news! What's the coverage going to be like? Somewhere in between the existing two foundations?

  5. gah can't wait to see how these work. I think this will be a hit due to the shade options. Not everyone can use Asian BBs since they come mostly in 1 or 2 shades.
    However I prefered if the whitening thing remained. It's useful against sun-spots and freckles and it's not like you soaked your face in hypo and got paper white! @_@

  6. Looking forward to it! Do keep me updated of the launch in Brisbane ;) Definitely be wanting to try this!! I agree that BB cream was a great invention though I did not quite like it as much, it was either too grey, too ashy, too white, too pink or just wasn't right shade - being Asian myself. Anyway, can't wait!

  7. Skin Base will be available across the UK and at illamasqua.com from 23rd June 2011. For more information on Skin Base and the full shade range please visit http://www.illamasqua.com/shop/catalogue/category/face/products/new-skin-base-foundation/304/

  8. Since i adore Bb Creams but often find it difficult to find shades that suit my pale cool toned skin, consider me VERY interested in this new product!
    Is it for any skin type? As one of the reasons i like bb creams are for the skin care ingredients in them, meant for different skin types - oily, dry, mature etc.
    A Bb cream is a combination of skincare, foundation, concealer and treatment. other than removing the SPF and whitening ability, what does your product contain?

  9. I will certainly try this at some point.

  10. I too am very interested but I hope there will be shade comparisons with your regular line of foundations...For example, I wear RF 140, what shade in the new skin base would best suit me.
    Swatches would be great...Chances are I won't be able to swatch these in person since I live in the states so I would love some help determining my shade


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