06 June 2011

Illamasqua's transformations...

If your make-up bag is looking a little lack lustre and in need of an injection of Illamasqua, or if you’re looking for education & inspiration…visit one of Illamasqua’s counters now for a lesson!

At Illamasqua we appreciate that time is often of the essence and know that that last minute invite for the hottest club night or party is too good to turn down, and your desire to keep up with the latest colours & trends is what feeds your make-up thirst! Our fabulous make-up artists across the country at our Illamasqua counters & Flagship store in Soho are on hand to offer free, short make-ups in our express appointments!

These are also an exciting way to sample our latest collections or to ask for a little quick advice and some tips on application. Our express transformations are available for approximately 10-15 minutes and are the perfect opportunity to learn more about the Illamasqua collection.

Illamasqua’s fabulous original transformations are also available nationwide at our counters, designed to reveal and indulge your alter ego, whoever that may be!

 For £30 redeemable, one of our professional artists will offer you an indulgent start to finish, one on one transformation with advice, tips and application guidance, shade matching or that perfect night-time or full avant garde look of your choice. This cost is redeemable against pieces from Illamasqua, so bring in your make-up bags and explore the Illamasqua range.


  1. It is such a shame that Illamasqua isn't as established in Germany yet. I never had the chance to check out a counter or store before, but I am dying to!
    I think, Illamasqua is still one of the most exciting new make up brands on the market. I just wish, it would expand a little more! ;-)

  2. Agree with the above. I really wish I could get to an Illamsqua counter where I am or that it was in the Sephora store here. Being in Texas it's kind of a shame to not get to experience Illamasqua unless I shop online.

  3. Please come to Singapore! We would love to have you here!

  4. Could you please do a post with swatches of all of the foundations (colour comparisons) particularly as new shades have been added, it would be very useful, I and many others would be very grateful!

  5. I concur with the above! That would be fabulous! I really want to try one of your foundations but I don't know what shade to buy, the nearest counter is too far away for me to travel and I dont want to waist money buying the wrong shade, I wont buy any foundation without seeing a swatch first. I cant find a comparison of all the shades anywhere. Swatches of all the shades would be so useful! Please, please, please can you do that!

  6. To the above. I agree :-)! That would be very helpful.


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