23 June 2011

The Skin Base launch...

Illamasqua's ultimate 'skin realism' foundation Skin Base has now launched!

To learn more about the evolution of Skin Base and the inspirations behind the formula and to be one of the first to enjoy it click here

To celebrate the launch we have a new film live...


  1. Sou alérgica à algumas e tenho que experimentar primeiro.

  2. Please, please, please can you post colour swatches of these?! I desperately want to try it but I have no idea what shade to buy and I can't get to a store to test them.

  3. So how can I get a sample of this? I need to see the three lightest shades. Or do I have to come down to your shop?

  4. Foundation (& concealer) samples would be fab idea - would even pay to play!


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