21 January 2011

Throb has inspired you…

The launch of Throb this week has seen those pulses racing as anticipated, with many of you falling for Sangers and lusting after the cheeky Nail Varnish in Load, it appears the visuals from this new collection have also captured your hearts.

With Illamasqua’s devoted followers tweeting, posting and sharing the word of Throb and all of its wonderful Anti-Valentines seductiveness, Alex Box’s artistry appears to have inspired you all to draw out your creativity and talent.

 by Jangsara

We wanted to share a little of the inspiring artistry that has had Illamasqua HQ 'throbbing' this week…

 by Jangsara

by Jangsara

To see more of Jangsaras beautiful look, click here!

 by donotrefreeze
This beautiful Nail creation is by Leanne of donotrefreeze     

by Dolcevanity

Dolcevanity’s look and her thoughts on the Throb collection can be found here.

Keep sharing these stunning looks with us we are loving them!


  1. Daww, thank you for including my meagre effort! :)

  2. hell, id love to get a chance to play with the new products....ive been waiting for a blood red lippie from you for ages!!!!

  3. I have done a recreation of this look, which email address do I send it to?


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