20 January 2011

Get a Load of this...

To celebrate the launch of the sumptuous Throb collection, Beak St will be hosting an event this Friday 21st January lasting all day! That’s a whole day of Throb themed pleasure…

There is simply no excuse to miss this marvellous display of Illamasqua doing what we do best, revealing a collection with an unashamedly fabulous launch party.

With Angel Rose, a fantastic conceptual artist performing throughout the day, her 'Make-Up manifesto' will delight as you absorb the new collection and pick up that cheeky Nail Varnish in Load or  blood red Intense Lipgloss in Succubus you’ve been lusting after since their release.

Angel will be taking centre stage in the windows of our Flagship store and delivering an amazing spectacle and dramatic finale, all to be revealed in store...

 With refreshments and treats to melt your heart, a stunning new collection and clever performances from Angel, this event is sure to get you throbbing !

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