06 January 2011

The Best of the Sale at Illamasqua.com

Not long now until the end of the Illamasqua sale, so we have highlighted some of the must-have products that we think will complement an artist kit and entice an enthusiast!

Cream Eye Shadows

These formulations are extra creamy and so unless you are working on a shoot and looking for a glossy finish, I would suggest setting with a Powder Eye Shadow.

Touch - a gorgeous flat beige shade that matches a foundation 150 - 200 shade perfectly. This is my personal go to base for every day make-up to even out any discolouration on the eye area.

Pure Pigment

Conquer - a stunning forest green that is intense enough dry, but really commands attention when used wet. I love how in certain lights it looks almost torquoise and has an unusual blend of shimmer particles; green, blue, silver and gold... lovely!

                                                           top  - wet, bottom - dry

Medium Pencil

Errant - This looks lovely paired with Pure Pigment in 'Conquer' [above] and looks almost black from a distance, but up close is an interesting dark teal/green. This looks especially beautiful as part of a smoky eye look on blue eyes.

Fine Pencil 

Nail Varnish

So difficult to pick just one Nail Varnish to highlight, so I've gone with the one that I've worn the most since 2008, and that has to be ...

Propaganda - Named after the Creative Marketing agency that work so closely with Illamasqua, Propaganda is a beautiful deep blue navy jelly. Thanks to Scrangie for her swatch, my nails are awful at the moment ...

 Powdered Metal 

Erzule - a stunning burnished bronze that looks fantastic as a tan if layered on  or lightly dusted on it adds a gilded gleam to the skin. Fabulous on cheeks, eyes, mixed with lip gloss or swept over limbs, it suits those with medium to dark skins.

Powder Eye Shadow

Matter - Halimah Haque, Senior Product Developer, loves this gunmetal grey for "building a quick, high impact smoky eye. The intense pigment goes on super smoothly."


Faust - a beautiful pillar box red. Faust was a German scholar who sold his soul to the devil for otherworldly pleasures and infinite knowledge. We have sacrificed 25% off this Lipstick so you can own it for just £11.25...

These and plenty more are now available at www.illamasqua.com.


  1. I just posted my pick! Tempted again by the Touch and Conquer though ;)

  2. When will the orders start shipping?

  3. wow, love aaaall the colors.



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  5. I love everything that this company does. I tried out the lip stick man-eater and might I just say such a SMOOTH application with a powerful color! I am loving everything from this company....I had a giveaway last month just to share this great brand with the US and it was very successful! Keep doing what you’re doing!

    Vogue & Vintage

    Stay Chic!

  6. When will the sale end? These items will be fall dead after the sale? Because I really want to purchase Rumour which is currently out of stock. :(

  7. @Monday - Rumour sold out about week ago - should be back in 16 weeks

  8. Love this sale! just don't discontinue sin blusher :( (I totally took advantage of it being discounted)

  9. The color of the nail polish is very trendy and I am gonna make the most of it.
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