13 January 2012

Your Alter Ego Gallery...

Leading on from last weeks fabulous looks. Here are our highlights from this weeks Alter Ego Gallery...

Natalie Grimes created this colour intense look. It reminds us of our Toxic Nature Collection.

Breana Rich got her inspiration from the Illamasqua Body Electrics Collection. This high colour intensity ignites the skin and creates such a dramactic image! We love it and the beautiful photography. Try this look for yourself with our Lipstick in Pristine.

It’s never too late to rock the holiday look. A natural base with a red lip is always a show stopper. Vesna Melkic used the following products to create this look… Cream Blusher in Ravish, Lipstick in Box, Pure Pigment in Android, False Lashes in no. 21, Eye Brow Cake in Gaze and Eye Liner Cake in Mislead.

We would love to see more of your Alter Egos! Keep on sharing them on our Facebook page!


  1. first pic is beyond art! all the colours works so lovely together, and this is the coolest ever!!!!!

  2. That second picture is beautiful!

    1. Thank you! I did the makeup for that shot! So excited it made it onto the blog! Tricia Davidge used her amazing photography skills as well :) check out my Facebook page for more shots!

  3. Inspired by Illamasqua...

    Zombie Cleopatra and Ziggy Stardust’s lovechild?

  4. Vesna looks beautiful, she is also an amazing blogger! I also like Breana's look! Can't wait to order some stuff from Illamasqua!


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