06 January 2012

Your Alter Ego Gallery

First alter ego gallery highlights of the New Year!

Tracy Hillis created this beautiful under-water shoot! I hope those eye wings held up...

Now THIS is a Christmas alter ego! Drag Santa by Matias Cornejo Acuna ... not sure where to look first! The corn rowed white hair, silver beard, piercing eye contacts, green brows ...

Mary McCusick Basso's New Year alter ego is an inky extravaganza with a real tribal edge ...

Love them all! Post to our Facebook wall all next week for your chance to be seen here on the Illamasqua blog!


  1. Oh, I feel so honored that you posted a picture of one of my creations. Thank you so much, 2012 has been such a blessing already and you made it all the more special :D Thank you <3

  2. Does Mary McCusick Basso have a blog/Fb page? That look is fantastic, I would love to see more!

  3. Yes, I do have a facebook page. My name was spelled wrong in the post, so if you just search: "Mary Mc Kusick Basso", then you can send me an invite if you like :) I hope you are all having a great start into 2012 <3


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