03 December 2009

Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland

I absolutely love Tim Burton's quirky, sinister films and I for one cannot wait for his latest, the much-hyped Alice in Wonderland starring Johnny Depp [of course], Helena Bonham Carter [naturally] and Anne Hathaway [didn't see that one coming!]

There has been plenty of buzz on the web about this film, but the man who gave us Sweeney Todd, Edward Scissorhands and The Nightmare Before Christmas has a real vision when it comes to theatrical make-up and styling.

How gorgeous does Anne look with that deep scarlett lip against her alabaster skin? To recreate the look, try Lipstick in 'Diablo' for a similar berry stain.

P.S - I think this may be one instance when I am actually not finding Johnny Depp attractive...!


  1. I absolutely love Alice in Wonderland and I am *psyched* to see Tim Burton's rendition.
    I love the whimsical aspects of this classic film; it reminds me a lot of the dreams I have :s lol And what an opportunity for the stylists and makeup artists on set!

  2. I was excited to see this up until I saw the previews, for some reason I thought it would be more dark and twisted, but it looks like any run of the mill Disney movie imo. Oh well, guess I'll have to wait for Phantasmagoria: The visions of Lewis Carroll.

  3. I'm very much looking forward to this movie. Wasn't keen on Sweeney Todd however good it looked. So fingers crossed it's top quality Burton stuff. Mr Depp looks amazing and yes, not sexy at all, first time for everything.
    I'm not keen on the Queen look myself. I know there are a plenty out there that love it and have copied the look. I liked Letzmakeup's QOH look better. So much I did my own version too (on my blog).
    The blue shadow reminds me of Barbara Cartland! Scary stuff indeed!


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