17 December 2009


It's the Illamasqua HQ Christmas party tonight. . . can't wait! I have been planning my make-up look for weeks. I think I might take inspiration from the Golden Goddess video we recently uploaded on to Youtube - the mask-like look. I will upload photos next week!

I think this weekend I'm going to start really getting in to the Christmas spirit - this will be top of my pile to watch...

Followed by...

I am also going to experiment with my new 'Boo' Nail Varnish that arrived in my order yesterday after seeing this review by All Lacquered Up.


  1. Have fun @ the party! Can't wait to see the photos:)
    The nail varnish is killer! The other set is great, too

  2. Omg! Gooorgeous nail polish alert - going to have to get my paws on that :)

  3. Haha I recently watched ELF again, love it.
    The nail polish is gorgeously intense! x


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