11 May 2011

Sealing Gel...transform your make-up kit!

A true Illamasqua cult product, Sealing Gel is the secret to creating striking make-up looks that no one can ignore!

A staple in all professional kits, mix this clear liquid with any powder to create a super-colour intense, water-resistant paste that will remain in place long into the night. Perfect to create an un-smudgeable eye liner on heady summer nights or to create a statement brow!

The blogosphere cannot stop talking about the power of Sealing Gel...

"It turns any of your eye shadows into a waterproof liquid liner. Genius ... this isn't a want - it's a NEED." www.thebeautystop.com

"Mix it in with the product to make a paste, and it intensifies whatever colour it's mixed with. Pretty cool!" www.vampyvarnish.com

Mix your Sealing Gel with Powder Eye Shadow, Pure Pigment, Eye Liner Cake , Eye Brow Cake.... the opportunities are endless. Apply with an Angled Eye Liner Brush for precision application.

Click here to check it out at Illamasqua.com

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  1. Love this stuff! I never have to worry about running out of liquid eye liner any more :) Great for body painting, too. I used it here http://bit.ly/hGjAJG


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