26 March 2010

Product of the Month

It's been a while since we did this, but in line with this month's web offer (a massive 25% of False Eye Lashes), I thought I would use my favourite pair as Product of the Month.  When I joined Illamasqua at the very beginning, one product that never failed to impress me were the lashes.  As a total lash fiend (i own 50-60 pairs at least!), I know a gorgeous lash when I see it!  Lash no. 16 has to be the highlight from the range for me.  It can totally transform your look in an instant.  Perfect for a vintage 40s look (complete with a generous application of Lipstick in 'Encounter', of course!), these lashes can be worn with very little other eye make-up - a flicked black line on top is enough if you're running short of time.   

I used these in my latest photo shoot for Jane Doe Latex (http://www.janedoelatex.com) and they are just what was required to give that density to the lashes, exaggerating the length of the eye as well.  

But the collection is so stunning I can't not mention my other favourites!  If you think no.16 are just a bit too day time for you, nothing screams night time glamour like the no. 13!  And if a wide eyed baby doll look is more your thing, then no. 14 are just perfect for injecting a little naughtiness into your flutter!  If you haven't already seen the range or tried it, hurry now, as the 25% web offer is due to expire on 31st March!

Halimah x


  1. I love false lashes...and I HAVE just been paid.....

  2. I own Illamasqua's false lashes no. 14, 19, and 21 and they're just great! I think I'm going to try these as well! =D

  3. wow these look really pretty :)


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