08 February 2011

Naughtily named products for your Valentine's...

Shun the flowers and the romance this week as we reveal Illamasqua’s Valentine ideas to bring you our most wonderfully rude and naughtily named products.

Lipstick in Climax

Lipstick in Fetish

 Cream Blusher in Rude

Powder Blusher in Hussy

Order before Midday Friday with UK Saturday Delivery to ensure your gift arrives in time!

 Nail Varnish in Blow

 Nail Varnish in Milf

 Nail Varnish in Phallic

Nail Varnish in Throb

What will have you climaxing this Valentine’s…

 Powder Eye Shadow in Gimp

 Powder Eye Shadow in Sex

 Cream Eye Shadow in Suck


  1. Oh i love them all!

    Fetish Lipstick
    Rude Cream Blusher
    Throb Nail Polish
    and Gimp eye shadow.



  2. OH WOOOW :O
    Great Lipsticks :)

  3. I loved the kinky email you sent round. 'Suck, Blow, Climax' ;)

    I already have Rude, Hussy and Phallic but am definitely feeling the need to add Climax to my collection. Ooh-er!

  4. Climax and Rude look gorgeous! Can't wait for the 13th May for the 2 hour Night Diva course!! x

  5. Throb nail varnish is a new fave of mine, so rich and pigmented.
    Just as my Sanger lips, can stop staring at them.

  6. Is "Load" not naughtily named? It's creamy, and white and it's called LOAD?? Hmmmm....I think it is quite naughty.


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